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Professor Torres Blog and Postings 2015.

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Posts of Interest Transformational Storytelling by Jason Antrosio


Antrosio beautifully summarizes the panel and papers presented at the 2014 American Anthropological Assocation. My friend and colleague Gina Ulysse brought it home.

Mentoring Strategies and Tips

This piece from the Chronicle of Higher Education provides useful tips to enhance your professional profile online. It helped me think thorough how to change my own profile in various venues, including LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Remember, websites and the like are always a work-in-progress that need to be consistently updated.

Recommended Readings


Yanique, Tiphanie Land of Love and Drowning. New York: Riverhead Books (2014).

Introductory Post

Happy New Year. My goal this year is to provide updates related to research, teaching and consulting activities to keep readers informed about the various initiatives I am currently involved in.