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Archive of Events, Presentations, and Honors

UREAG's Global Village dialogue: equity, diversity, recruitment and retention in higher education: perspectives from Indigenous and Latina/o administrators

Please join the Under-Represented Ethnic and Ability Groups (UREAG) on Thursday, March 12th, 2015 at 1:15pm through 2:45pm in the Washington, D.C. Hilton, Concourse Level - Georgetown East for an invited roundtable session of higher education administrators and scholars from within the United States The research interests of our invited panelists are aligned with the need to better understand minority and Indigenous access to higher education, effective recruitment and retention efforts as well as the experiences of minority and Indigenous students as they navigate the higher education journey. Torres will be presenting material related to the Latino Faculty Initiative at CUNY.

American Anthropological Association 2014, Washington, D.C. Torres was invited to present on a Presidential panel, "Classifications, Complicities, and Contradictions: Thinking With Virginia R. Dominguez” Her paper, Education, Equity, and Inclusion: Anthropology and the 1964 Civil Rights Act, challenged fellow anthropologists to address how discourses of Americanization, diversity, sameness, and difference supported in some instances and derailed in others, the critical dialogue and transformative possibilities embedded in the Civil Rights Act, the “riots” or more aptly, the civil unrest and cry for justice from our citizenry.

President of the Puerto Rican Studies Association. She has served on Executive Committee of the academic organization as a Member-at-large and has assumed her role as President for a two-year term. (2015-2016) 

Charting New Pathways in the Study of Puerto Ricans —  President’s Remarks Delivered at the Puerto Rican Studies Association Conference in Denver, Colorado, October 2014

 The Office of Diversity and Recruitment at CUNY honored Dr. Arlene Torres at the 2014 CUNY Diversity Reception for her commitment to advancing diversiy and inclusion in the professoriate. See photgraphic highlights in the youtube link below and the article in CUNY Matters. See Chancellor’s Latino Faculty Initiative at CUNY

Arlene Torres, President of the Puerto Rican Studies Association (PRSA) reflected on her career in anthropology with Gina Athena Ulysse in her new series, Why Anthropology Still Matters on Huffington Post.

Professional Honor CUNY Faculty Leadership Academy Cross-Campus Initiative, Nominated and selected to participate in a seminar on higher education management with senior administrators and managers in CUNY’s Central Office, Spring 2014.