Mellon-Mays Undergraduate Fellowship Program



The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation established the MMUF Program in 1989. Hunter College was among the first group of colleges and universities to receive a grant from that foundation.  The MMUF Program seeks to enhance diversity and address minority under-representation in U.S. colleges and universities.


The MMUF experience involves one-on-one mentoring with a Hunter faculty member, collaborating with a mentor in research projects and teaching, and curriculum development, attending professional conferences, and having opportunities to study or conduct research either at other universities in the United States or in international settings abroad during the academic year or the summer months.


A student selected to be in the MMUF Program @ Hunter as a Mellon Fellow receives the following:

1. $7,500.00 stipend per calendar year;

2. a tuition waiver; and

3. eligibility for the MMUF ProgramÕs repayment of undergraduate loans.


Students must be nominated by a Hunter faculty member in order to be considered for entrance into the MMUF Program. No student can directly apply. Faculty should forward the name and email of any student whom they believe should be considered because the student:


1 . is exceptionally talented academically;

2. shows an interest in the pursuit of a Ph.D in any field within the Humanities or scholarly dimension of the Arts; or in the fields of Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science, History, Anthropology or in the area of Demography (Geography, Sociology or Political Science)*; or in Women Studies or any area ethnic studies;

3. is at least an upper sophomore and at most a lower senior (completing no less than 36 and no more than 100 credits at the time of admission into the MMUF Program);

4. has a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0 in order to be considered; and

5. demonstrates a strong commitment to addressing the under-representation of minorities in higher education. 


Once a student both accepts the nomination and meets the aforementioned requirements, the student will have to:

1. complete an application form describing academic interests and career plans as well as giving biographical details;

2. submit at least 2 letters of recommendation from faculty members;

3. submit a research writing sample; and

4. undergo an interview with the Mellon Selection Committee at Hunter College.


Please submit the name and email address of your student nominations to:

Email: ( (Lisette Nazario, Assistant Coordinator) or Dr. Arlene Torres (  (Dr. Arlene Torres, Program Coordinator)

MMUF Website: and click on Nominations

Telephone: (212) 650-3142   ****  Campus mail MMUF Program HN1512