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Leading Diversity Initiatives

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As University Dean of Recruitment and Diversity, Torres used compliance-driven data presented in annual campus Affirmative Action Plans (AAPs) in tandem with practices identified in the Faculty Diversity Strategic Plans (FDSPs) to pose a series of questions: 1) How is a department or campus vision of diversity aligned with the University’s broader vision? 2) What are its current practices? 3) What are its challenges? 4) And if diversity and inclusion is not being achieved, how can and will current practices be changed? Toward that end, she worked with University Presidents, Provosts, and the University Advisory Council on Diversity to engage in campus visits, studies, and sound practices to advance initiatives to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

Dr. Arlene Torres supported a host of initiatives as University Dean to advance diversity and excellence through innovation. 

2017 Biennial Faculty Diversity Conference

Overview: The Office of Recruitment and Diversity (ORD) hosted its third biennial Faculty Diversity and Inclusion Conference.  The daylong conference was held at the CUNY Graduate Center on Friday, March 31, 2017.

Building on the success of past years, the conference offered faculty and academic administrators the opportunity to focus on research-based evidence, present new ideas, discuss experiences with colleagues, and develop constructive actions for change in the belief that diversity in all its manifestations is a driver of our collective success.  We recognized that in order for CUNY campuses to become inclusive and welcoming communities for all, a commitment to diversity must be supported and strategically promoted at all levels and in partnership with others.

Our identities have become more complex and we hoped to present critical dialogues that offer understanding and meaning, while we focused concrete and effective strategies designed to promote equity and access for the benefit of the University, its faculty, staff, and students.

Faculty Fellowship Publication Program 

 "FFPP is open to full-time untenured faculty nominated by their department chairs and endorsed by the college Provost. Eligibility requirements include full-time employment for at least one academic year, and an earned doctorate or other qualifying terminal Master’s degree. Three (3) credit hours of reassigned time are given to faculty members selected for the semester-long program.

Those accepted into the program participate in a series of seminars conducted by senior faculty members who serve as writing mentors, facilitators and counselors in selected disciplines. They attend a “Publishers Roundtable” to learn the ropes of getting published. Fellows also work in peer groups to provide each other with constructive criticism, support and encouragement during the writing process.New fellows were welcomed by the FFPP’s  Academic Director, Dr. Shelly Eversley of Baruch College.